Judging Panel 2008

About the Judging Panel
A judging a panel of senior industry experts selected the winners from a shortlist of 50. Nominees were considered based on various factors including their individual and team contribution, the significance of their projects, sustainability, effectiveness, projects size, innovation, difficulties overcome and budget-control exercised.

The judging panel comprised of a broad range of experts and leaders from top-tier management and high profile industry bodies from across the Asia-Pacific region. The judging approach will be collaborative and supportive rather than competitive. The judging panel (alphabetical order) is:

•  Claire Saeki (Founder & Publisher, RFP Magazine)
•  David Tse (Chairman, RICS Hong Kong , Managing Director, LT Management Services and L.T. Properties)
•  John D. Gilleard (Professor) (IFMA Fellow)
•  Ken Yeang (Ph.D.) (Principal, Llewelyn Davies Yeang ( UK )
•  Kumar Ravindra (Design Director, VA Group; Principal Architect & Founder, Pragrup)
•  Margaret Brooke (CEO, Professional Property Services)
•  Michael A. Zamora (Senior Manager, Cisco Systems)
•  Sachio Furusaka, (Founder, Women’s Facility Management Consortium)
•  Soichiro Okishio (Professor Emeritus (Architecture), Tokyo University of Science)